Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Mom's Taco's

Oh, I figured we have had enough doom and gloom to last a while. I wanted to give you a highlight of my week.....

My Mom's tacos...

Oh how I love my Mom's tacos! There is nothing like them. Last night when I got home, exhausted from work. I came home to the sweet smell of frying corn tortilla shells and the meat, I like to think of it as a nectar from the gods. She had it all ready for us. The meat in beautiful crisped shells (but soft enough to envelope the meat without breaking the shell), the crisp lettuce, the chopped red tomatoes, and shredded cheese.

Whether you eat them meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes (as my Daddy says is the correct way) or meat, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes (as the rest of us at the table eat them), they are heaven.

I ate three tacos and enjoyed every bite, and when it was over she packed me up three for lunch. Words cannot describe how the love and warmth filled through me.

One plus to having cancer, my mom and dad are here and I get..... TACOS!!

Oh, I wonder if I could get her to make some enchiladas before they go.....

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