Friday, November 19, 2010

Crash Squad

In my life I have had some pretty crappy scares! And my fight has been hard, scary, tiring and yet sometimes comical. But recently I have had someone introduced into my life that has gotten me off my couch, gotten me out of me out of my head, and has in a way helped get me in the best shape that I have been for at least 15-20 years. Would you like to meet her?

Her name is Rachel Aspen and her voice… is mine!

Let me explain… A few months back I received an email from an old high school friend of mine. We were in the drama club together, I don’t get to see her very much, but recently had touched base again (due to the wonderful New Kids on the Block concert). Do you all remember Birgitte?

She is standing next to me on my left (and of course any excuse to put in a picture of NKOTB)

Well, Birgitte emailed me and explained how her husband has a hobby of computer animation and would I be willing to audition to voice a character on his show called Crash Squad?

Uh… yeah! And so it began!! I received my scripts and found out more about the character that was to have my voice. Her name is Rachel Aspen. In the words of Luke Newman, Crash Squad's creator... “Beautiful...silent...deadly. Sergeant Rachel Aspen is possibly the most lethal member of the entire C-Squad.” I cannot tell you how excited I was to try out to be this girl!! So I showed up (nervous as all get-out), my first line of the night was me yelling, “DCPD!! Open up!!!” Oh I felt the thrill and excitement of not only being part of this team, but also surprising Mike (who does sound) and having him pull off his punisher ear phones. He was not expecting me to yell. Ha-ha!!! So, in the end, I did get the part and get to share my every other Thursday evening with a bunch of characters (both computer animated and human).

So how does Aspen help get me in shape and help me to feel better about myself? Well right now we are in Luke’s basement doing some voice over work, but hopefully in the future, the series will be bought, put on TV and I have to start to think about my Comi-Com appearances right? Well if you play Sergeant Rachel Aspen with the Delta City Police Department you have GOT to have it going on!!! Ha-ha!!

So thank you Birgitte for the email, Luke for the audition and the entire Crash Squad crew for the acceptance!!! I am having such a friggin’ blast!!!

Have I got your curious?? Check out the blog and you can see snippets that Luke has put together! AWESOME!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi everyone,
This is a very sad blog for me... In July of this year, I had found out that one of my chemo sisters passed away... Her name was Wanda Williams and she was beautiful. To me she was strength, love, compassion and beauty all rolled into the perfect woman... http://http//

What kills me the most is that I received an email from her in April here is what it said...

Hello My Chemo Buddies,
I guess we have been thinking of one another because its been our 1 year anniversary. Well, so far I'm also clean. I have a bilateral mammo tomorrow. I made it through radiation with very little issues. But a week after my 40th birthday (February 13), I came down with SHINGLES.
No one told me it could happen, but my general physician and Dr Hendricks said is was pretty normal for cancer patients.

Now that the neuralgia is disappearing, I can start training for the Avon Walk. My hair has come back, even got my first haircut on Sunday. It is a different texture from what I had before, but I'm loving it. I hope to see you all soon.You all truly made this horrible experience wonderful. I couldn't have made it without you!!!!

Miss you,Wanda

She died in May... I didn't find out until July... JULY!!! How can that be?? I was getting facebook status' from her on people donating to her 3 day walk total??? So I went on her facebook page and found out that site automatically generated status updates when someone donated to her... I was shocked, and beyond belief saddened. I didn't know her well, but she helped get me through the toughest period of my life and I loved her....

I just couldn't help thinking, if I only had read her facebook status, if I would have only known... It pains me even now how fast she was struck w/ a recurrence and none of her chemo "sisters" knew. So when I received notice from Bzzz Agent (it is a company that allows me to sample new products for me feedback) that they were opening a campaign for "Otrib" I had to sign up.

You can visit and it allows you to post your wishes and make a tribute page to someone you have lost. I thought it was a great idea especially having experienced this this past year. Check it out.