Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Down.. But Not Out

Hey everyone.

I might be down for a few weeks, but everyday I feel a little better.

I am working from home for the next four weeks and taking care of myself. I am doing well, but get tired easily, and sitting upright does hurt after a while. So I am trying to take naps when I am done with work. I haven't had any hot flashes or menopause symptoms yet. I am so excited about that, but just waiting for them to come. I started taking my Tamoxifen again last night. I hope it doesn't make it start. Maybe my body feels better with no estrogen! Hahahaha.

I still cannot lift for 6 weeks and it is really hard on my girls (especially Natalie who wants me to hold her all the time). But it is getting better.

So far no news from Dr. B on my test results, I think she might wait until my first post-op appointment next week. But I guess no news is good news in this case.

My love to everyone!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's B-9!!

I am now sitting in my hospital room in the recliner. I am still in a little pain but hoping that it will subside soon. Yesterday went really well, so I will tell you what I remember....

Chris and I got to the hospital about 6:30 am for my 7am check in. Everyone was really nice and I was brought back to pre-op rather quickly. I got my gown on and some pretty mesh panties (sarcasm) cause of course the day before my uterus is removed, it decided to start my period. I guess it just wanted one more hurrah before it was removed. Anyway, once dressed a nurse came in and got my IV in one try (in my hand) then I met a few nurses that would be helping prep me. Nickie and Joe (Chris' parents) came got to the hospital first, then my parents came after dropping both girls off at daycare. So all 6 of us were there when they came to get me. Only three could follow me back to the pre-pre-op?? So Chris, Nickie and my Mom came with me.

There I met with Dr. B who would be doing the surgery, Beth who was going to be her PA, Jan the nurse (who reminded me of Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy) and my anesthesiologist. I don't remember her name but she was AWESOME!! She gave me a sedative before getting rolled over to the operating room and I kissed my family good bye. I remember looking into the operating room, but I don't remember going in the room or moving to the OR bed. IT WAS GREAT!!

I woke up hearing that the cyst was benign and everything went very nicely. I don't know if the nurses were talking about me, but I was praying that they were. After about an hour they brought Chris back with my Mom, then my Dad, Nickie and Joe. Chris stuck around until they had brought me to my room (about 4:30pm). The mass was benign and everything did got well.
Even though the mass was benign, Dr. B still took both ovaries, tubes and uterus. Which is what we agreed upon. I was so relieved to hear that it all looked good. Now, all my parts will be sent to a pathology lab and they will test everything they took out. I will find out in about a week the complete results but everything says it looks good.

Once in my room I was able to have more clear fluids (yuck) and had a wonderful nurse, JoAnne. Chris left about 6:15pm so he could put the girls in bed, and then Dani (my BFF) came up to stay with me until about 10pm. I got to chat with my Baby Mommas online for about 30 minutes then I went to sleep.

This morning I got to eat real food!! And Dr. B came in and said that everything went really well, and that I made a good decision on both ovaries cause my right had a mass starting to grow there too!! So a good decision was made by all.

I am getting ready to eat my second solid food meal (lunch), my Mom and Dad are on their way to pick me me up to bring me home.

I am so grateful that everything turned out well. I know I still have a bumpy road coming up (with the flash menopause and no hormones), and 4 weeks of recovery, but today I just feel the relief of being cancer free!!!

Thank you for all your support and prayers.... They worked!!!