Friday, January 16, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

January 16, 2009

I was SHOULD be getting ready for my 11:45 appointment with the surgeon. I SHOULD be calling my Mother-in-Law to make sure she has directions. I SHOULD be checking with my husband to make sure that he was leaving work to pick me up... I SHOULD be doing all these things, but instead I'm stuck at work with no appointment.

I called yesterday morning to confirm my Friday appointment. I knew that my appointment was a tentative appointment. Anne explained to me on Tuesday that IF the results were received on Friday by 11:45 am, I would get to keep my appointment with the surgeon. Anne even called the Radiologist and changed the lab the specimens were being sent to so we could get the results sooner. So I wanted to call and confirm this appointment so they wouldn't give it to someone else. When I called, I got the front desk. They didn't have an appointment for me at all on Friday. What? I explained that I had a tentative appointment and she was quite snotty when she told me that my results were still pending and when they received my results Anne would call me for an appointment. What? I asked to speak to Anne. She was off until Monday.

Side note: My family and I are going to Florida to Disney World from Saturday through Wednesday and I wouldn't be here when Anne called.

I got very upset, I ended up speaking to her supervisor and then to the office manager. The office manager acknowledged the fact that I did have a tentative appointment pending the results of my biopsy. She told me, "Mrs. N___, we haven't received the results yet. So Dr. A gave your appointment away to someone WITH cancer."

I'm sorry? What did she just say? Someone WITH cancer? Then what the HELL do I have???
At this point I am crying and trying to explain that I have been put off and cancelled for the past three weeks. Someone should have had the decency to call me and let me know that my appointment was given away. And instead of apologizing to me, she told me that I didn't actually HAVE an appointment scheduled, it was "tentative". Even if Dr. A received my results on Friday, she would have to review them to make a plan for my therapy before she would see me.

"Mrs. N___, once we get your results, Anne will notify you and make your appointment."

That was it, that was all I got.
No "I'm sorry, for giving your appointment away."
No "I'm sorry for not letting you know after the fact."
No "I'm sorry for the miscommunication."

So I had to spend the rest of my day calling my Husband, Mother-in-law, and Midwife and explain to them that I lost my appointment to someone who HAS cancer....

I once again see how people might give up before the fight ever really begins.... This is ridiculous!

I am going to forget about all this for a few days. I am going to go with my family to Florida and enjoy Disney World! I am going to bask in the love and excitement of my family... Who knows, I might even flash Mickey Mouse or Donald, could be the first and last time these ta-tas see Disney World! hahaha.

Oh, and god help Anne when she calls me on Monday morning to schedule my "REAL?" appointment!

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