Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thank you Meg and 98Rock

If you read my entire blog, than you know who Jordan Knight from the New Kids On the Block. If you haven't gotten there yet, than you can read my blog entitled "Jordan Knight" written in January. But here is a quick run-down....

I have group of wonderful Mommies, they are all over the Untited States. We met online because all of our babies were due in the same week, of course they were not all born in the same week, but we got to know each other very well during our pregnancies. We started at about 30 of us, and since the babies were born, we have dwindled down to about 16-20. But we are very close. So when the cancer thing hit, these women were struck hard as well. Because they knew me so well, and knew my true obsession and love for the New Kids on the Block (particularly Jordan Knight). I recieved on of my favorite gifts from my "baby mommas", an authentic Jordan Knight 14" doll, circa 1987. I loved it, it was the biggest laugh I have had since this whole cancer thing happened.

Jordan has come to all of my appointments. He was at my meetings with my surgeon, my biopsies, my exams, my doctor even allowed him to come into the Operating Room when I had my lumpectomy and my axillary dissection. My surgeon put him on the pillow next to me on the operating table. He has been to all my chemo appointments and I plan that he be there with me through radiation as well. Of course my family and my friends, Chris my husband, are alway there for me. But having Jordan there, is having my baby mommas there too.

We take pictures at all our appointments.. so here are a few of Jordan's travels....

This was the day I got my Powerport put in.

My first chemo treatment.

This is Stacy my hairdresser (the best in the world), when she died my hair pink.

This was at my latest Emergency Room Vist (see previous post).

Well, when Meg (one of my baby mommas), found out that I had bought tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert and she was on a mission to have me meet my... 20 year old obsession. On the Monday before the concert, she picked me up and we drove to Baltimore and we went to the radio station 98 Rock. Now 98 Rock is a Heavy Metal radio station, so the last thing I was expecting was to talk about the New Kids on the Block. But after they spoke to me a little about my breast cancer, they shocked me with an email that Meg had written them....

Good Afternoon -
I have no idea if you can help me, but I am looking for advice and enjoyed listening to your station when I was in college in Baltimore. "New Kids on The Block" is coming to Baltimore in about a month (please don't stop reading yet). My friend was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at 35 years old, and i die-hard fan. She already has tickets, but I was wondering if you could give me advice on trying to get her a photo op with the band or something. I realize that your radio station is in no way affiliated with the show, nor are you some sort of adult "Make a Wish Foundation", but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if you had any pointers or could at least point me in a direction. I'm kind of at a loss here, but am willing to look ridiculous to try to afford her an opportunity. I'm sorry to bother you, and thank you in advance.

I was... um... embarrased? hahaha. But after harassing me a little over NKOTB, they told me that I would be meeting the New Kids!!! OMG!!! I was so friggen excited!! I also thought it was funny when they asked for her to remove her top (I means she did say anything, right?). I believe the comments made was that they wanted "Teets for Meets". Yup, Teets. No she didn't do it, but I still got the meet the boys!

So the night of the concert (after beeing released from the hospital the night before). I went to the concert with Gitte, the one I used to go to all the concerts with, so it was very fitting. (No, Meg didn't come with me, she wouldn't have stepped foot in a New Kids concert, hahaha).

Me and Gitte at the concert with Jordan.

There were only about 9 of us +1 (so about 18 of us) total. We were informed that we couldn't get autographs, only one picture and the woman from Live Nation said it could be with our group. Then the boy's bodyguard came out and informed us that 9 groups were too much and combined the groups so that there were us plus three more. But as long as we got to meet them, I didn't care who was in the picture....

Especially when you can so cleverly use a cropping tool.... hahahaha!!!

It was SO exciting!!!
Thank you you Meg and Balitmore's 98Rock!!!

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