Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 out of 8 done!!!

Okay, 4 out of 8 chemo treatments done!!! Yeah!!!

My last chemo session (the 4th) was Easter weekend, so I wanted to keep the kids with me for the weekend due to the holiday. Chris let me sleep in both days and I took a nap when the girls did and I was doing pretty well until Sunday mid-morning. But by then Chris was taking the girls to my In-laws house for Easter dinner. I stayed home so I could rest (and be in pain) and they brought dinner home to me. It worked out great… except I got a bad cold from the baby. By Tuesday I was hacking and had to go to my primary care doctor. Due to my lowered white blood count, she was worried that my cold would quickly move into my chest and was already on the verge of being bronchitis. So I was put on a heavy antibiotic and sent on my way. I am still congested, but now (thanks to a netty pot) I can breathe at night. So that is good.

My next chemo treatment is April 23, 2009 and it is with Taxo. My friend and fellow “Baby Momma” is taking me. Poor Meg, she gets the chemo treatment that is going to last 5-6 hours and I can have an allergic reaction to. But at least if I am going to go through that she will have me laughing through it.

With this drug, I won’t have to be on all my nausea medicines, which is REALLY good (which hopefully means no constipation). I also won’t have to have the Nuelasta shot the day after (which causes me so much bone pain). But this drug has its own nasty side effects…
Total hair loss (eyebrows, eyelashes, nose and ear hair)
Muscle weakness (like the flew)
An allergic reaction during the time of infusion (with each dose). A kind of anaphylactic shock reaction.
Numbness and tingling (needle pricks) in my fingers and toes
Nail changes (blacken, fall off, flip up)

I think I can handle these if I can just not feel so crappy all the time!! But we will see!!!

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