Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanks Kim For the Eyebrows!!

Last week, I went to lunch with Nickie (my mother in law), her friend and neighbor Kay, and Kay's daughter Kim. I have known Kay for about 7 years, but have only spent a handful days with her daughter Kim. She always seemed very nice, and we have girls around the same age so I was excited to go to lunch and talk to her more.

The lunch was great (we went to Clyde's) in Potomac, and I really enjoyed the company. We talked about everything, from neighborhood stuff, to cancer, kids, families, even ex-boyfriends (that we had in common), it was really great.

Before we left, Kim said she had brought me something. Well you know that I LOVE gifts so I was up for anything. She asked me not to be offended but thought that it might be nice for me.... Um, Okay....

She handed me the best gift I could have ever received. An eyebrow kit by "Anastasia".

I laughed so hard, I had been debating about buying one, but kept chickening out. She said it was no big deal, that she received it the year before and never even opened it, but she though that I would appreciate it.


The next day, I used it. It is the coolest kit! It actually has stencils so I don't have to do any guess work on how to brush them on!! I do have to be careful though, one day I used to high of an arch and looked angry all day (hahahaha).

So thank you Nickie, Kay and Kim for a wonderful lunch and fascinating conversation...

And a special thank you to Kim for my new eyebrows!!!

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  1. Oh damn LJ those machines look scary. I didn't realize you had to go everyday. I am so glad you got eyebrows--they look really good and natural. I am so sorry you lost those beautiful eyelashes. I hope they grow back soon. I will be so glad when all this is done. Hope the kids and hubby are doing good. Are you still working? p.s. did you get my donation?
    Aunt Judy