Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where Is My Verification Appointment??

I was suppose to have my verification appointment with my radiologist on Thursday or Friday of this past week so I could start radiation on Monday. By Tuesday I was getting worried that maybe I was forgotten about. So I called Dr. S, she returned my call on Wednesday (when I was asleep from the Valium), I missed the call. But I did get to talk to her on Thursday. There are some issues with my radiation planning treatment.

She is having a trouble coming up with a radiation plan. I guess when they did the CT scan, they found that my mammary lymph nodes were deep in the left side of my sternum, so they were going to have to use both proton and electron radiation. But every time that they would do a simulation, it would leave a "cold" spot... Which happened to be right where my tumor bed is. So THAT won't work. There was three plans that were thought up, and all three failed. Dr. S told me that it is not very often that they see the tumor on inside of my breast. It turns out that she has not been the only person working on this. She has brought in her 3 Imagists and her Physiologist to look at my scans.

It is not all bad news, Dr. S says that they believe that they have come up with new protocol for me, she said that it is the most creative and elegant plan they have ever come up with... But every time they try to simulate the scan, the computer shuts off on them because the computer thinks it is an error. So now she is in talks with the software company to find a way to override the computer and go through with the scan. She believes that they will be able to call me early next week and bring me in for my verification appointment, then hopefully I can start my treatments at the end of the week. About a week later than she originally wanted to start.

Of course I apologized for being so difficult, and she told me that when they complete this plan, it could end up helping not only me, but so many women in the future...

I think she should name the new protocol the LJ2009?? hahahaha!

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  1. We all always knew that you were very special - now this just proves it !!!! I am quite sure that you will be on your way shortly onthis next step in your journey !!! You always about being able to find something positive in any situation -- awesome that this may help others as well !!!