Friday, June 5, 2009

My Last Chemo Treatment

Hi everyone!!
I wanted to share with all of you my last chemo treatment.

I wanted to make it special, so I made Boobie cookies (cookies shaped and frosted like boobies) and then I brought sparkling apple cider. On of my fellow chemo ladies made brownies for my last day too. It was so sweet!!!

These are my chemo nurses (formal name is Oncology Nurses) Jen and Cindy. They are wondeful, they definitely make a bad situation what could be a very sad situation better.

I had invited all my previous "chemo companions" everyone came except my mom and dad (they were back home in Oklahoma, but they called frequently so we knew that they were there), here is me and Nickie (my Mother in law-love)

Me and Jordan, waiting for a chair in the big room.

It had been 16 weeks since we both had started chemo.... Wow!!!

Meg made me shirt that said..

"Me:1 Cancer:0
I kicked chemo's Butt!!!"

I was also awarded a pink and rhinestone tiara on my last day!

You KNOW I paraded around the chemo suite with that!!!

I wanted a picture with Meg and she said, "If I can stop my tears.. sure."
We were all excited to see this part end.

Both of us tear free and smiling!!

Me and My wonderul HUBBY

I walked around the sweet handing out cookies, brownies and apple cider.

Enjoying some girl time with Dani!
I meet the same ladies every time I go, these were some of the best women!!!

The bald beauties!!
It was such a hard time, but thank you to everyone that supported me by cards, gifts, balloons, flowers, prayers and thoughts. I truly could not have done this without all of you!!!!

And Chris, Nickie, Dani, Meg and my Mom and Dad (JoAnne and Larry) I will never be able to express my gratitue for all you have done for me, by picking me up and sitting with me for hours on end keeping fighting on that day and for many more. I so truly love all of you so much!!!
Thank you.

Now... Bring on the Radiation!!!

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