Thursday, May 7, 2009

6 Down 2 more to go!!

May 7, 2009

I had my 2nd Taxol treatment (6th treatment total) today. It went well, it is just LONG. We got started about 12:30pm and got done at 4:30pm. My Mom and my Dad came from Oklahoma for the text two chemo sessions. I have been so tired lately and cannot sleep through the night. But today, I ended up drifting off for about an hour while in the chemo chair.

The last treatment was hard, but I didn't have Nuelasta and I didn't have to take all the nausea drugs so my head was clearer. The pain was still harsh and since my head was clear, I felt it clearer. The pain was different, mostly severe growing pains in the muscle and bones in my hips, legs, and feet. I couldn't tell you if it was better or worse, just different. The pain last longer each treatment, my oncologist tells me that that is normal because the chemo is accumulative.

But you know what? I am getting through it. I know that it will hurt, but I have lived through it so far and I'm still here. Still fighting. I am still smiling (okay, most days). I tear up when I see other women finish there chemo treatments and leave with their tiara, and my heart hurts for the women that are just starting.

Okay, updates for me?
I still have eyebrows and eyelashes (that is always good).
I still have all my finger and toe nails.

I think that was about it.


I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their loving thoughts, prayers, cards and gifts. You all have given me so much love and support that I need (some days... desperately need).
Thank you so much!!!

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  1. just like the little train. . .

    I think you can (finish)
    I think you can (finish)

    I KNOW you can!

    I'm glad your Mom and Dad are there safe, ready to help you get through the next couple of weeks. Please tell them we said hi - continued thoughts and prayers coming your way!