Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is The Curiosity Killing You? (ADULT CONTENT)

I don't particularly like flashing my breast around the Internet. But for me, the scariest part about having breast cancer and a lumpectomy was what my breast was going to look like after it was all over. How deformed would I be? Yes, my husband said he would love me regardless, but could I love myself? Would I feel ugly? Less-feminine?

For those of you that have not experience breast cancer (or men) might not understand this. But breasts are a large part of a woman's femininity. We have a small love affair with them.

Are they big enough?
Are they too big?
Are they perky?
Do they sag?
Do they look good in a bra?
At least one of these questions go through every woman's mind at some time in their life. So when I found out that I was going to get a lumpectomy, I was very scared and worried about how deformed my breast would be. If you looked at my breast as a pie, the bottom 1/4 of it (on the inside) was being removed. I believe that if I thought this, that other woman in my situation thought this as well. My surgeon never mentioned what they would look like when they were done. My Midwife tried to show me as much as she could, but that was just scary. Nobody could tell me how "bad it would be". So I decided (with the go-ahead from my husband) to post what my breasts look like after surgery to show someone who might be battling cancer what it looks like (at least what mine looked like) after surgery.
I was VERY pleased with how my lumpectomy turned out. I believe that after all is said and done and I am finished and healed, my breast will look normal, and fit in my bras without any "help".
You might be questioning the smiley face stickers... Well anyone that knows me knows that for 13 years I worked at (dedicated my life to) Wal-Mart, I left a few years back. You can take the girl out of Wal-Mart, but you can't take the Wal-Mart out of the girl!!!