Friday, September 12, 2014

One More Year, and 39.3 More Miles!!

And we are OFF!

Oh So much to say in one blog post!!!
My last post was from 2013!!! We were walking Philly. Well let me do a quick update from there… In 2013 my team “The Second Base Coaches” decided to walk the Avon walk instead of the Komen walk. And you would think that the reasoning behind that would be that the walk is shorter 39.3 miles not 60 mile, but that is actually a draw back for us! The first day walking Avon (26.2 miles) is PURE HELL!!! And it is the last 6 miles that kills you. Also, Avon is only two days instead of three which shortens our camping time to one night. This is also something my team and I see as a con, because our favorite time at the walk is “tent time”. So why do we walk Avon? Because two years ago it was getting harder and harder to raise money for the Komen foundation. I would have people want to donate to me “as long as it doesn’t go to Komen”. So we thought raising the $1800 for Avon would be easier. What we found out is that is just as hard.  We did find things about Avon we loved… We LOVE that at the end of the walk, Avon hands out checks right then and there!!! That was pretty dang cool. 

So as I said, my team decided to walk Avon New York last year, and then this year we just finished walking Avon Santa Barbara. It was a whirlwind trip….  We (my team that this year consisted of Kate, Karin, Jess and myself) left the east coast at about 6 in the morning and all met up at LAX at 10:30 am – 12:00. Then in the car to the Fess Parker Double Tree in for registration and pre-event stuff. From there I gave leave to my compatriots and drove down to my sister’s home in Lompoc to do a Pure Romance party for a friend of mine (tax write off anyone?)  Plus, let’s be honest… I needed to make a few bucks for our Disney trip AFTER the walk. 
Getting ready for opening ceremonies

The walk was very cool. This year seemed special to me because my team mate Kate, who had the official nickname “Benchwarmer” because she had to sit out the last three walks due to health issues was cleared to walk this year. So I was able to see the walk in her eyes (thank goodness not her feet, mine hurt enough). AND this is my 5th year cancer free!!! Yup in August of this year, my radiation was finished and I have been cancer-free since!
So the walk started along the Santa Barbara beach. It was really beautiful and the weather was being really great. Jess (who I met on my first DC walk, the one with the tunes) was with us and she is 6 months pregnant, so at least I was able to keep up, normally she laps me. We all walked as a team and it was great. I headed to lunch after 8 miles, my legs were hurting terribly and met Jess there after she finished nine. Kate and Karen followed up the rear walking all 13.1 miles to lunch. After lunch, Jess and I decided it would be better to head to Wellness Village (where we camped) to get everything ready for the other ladies when they got back.
Lunch time!! 13.1 miles in!

What is so funny about this is that Jess has NEVER swept (take the bus) in all the SEVEN or EIGHT years since she started walking, so when we got to Wellness Village, we had our feet massaged, a facial and a back massage before we even had to touch our bags or tents… THEN the tent angels helped us with the tents and we didn’t even have to put them up!!! This is a far cry than when you are walking the entire route (all 26.2 miles) and you get to Wellness Village and there is a line for all the amenities. So Jess thought this was a pretty sweet deal!!! No wonder why I sweep! Hahaha.

Jess resting at lunch so her little "Nugget" could relax
"Working Hard" as the Tent Angels put up our tents

Jess and I met the Kate and Karin at the end of the first days walk, we were cheering them on and I was so proud of them!! We let them get the lay of the land and then ate!! We all showered (in tractor trailer trucks) and then head to bed… but first, let me take a selfie!
But first... let me take a sselfie!

Day two we decided that we were all going to walk the entire walk (okay, I didn’t vote on this decision, but I thought if the prego and the virgin could do it, so could I) And I don’t think Kate would have LET me stopped even if I wanted.  So we all crossed the finish lines with arms linked.  It was an amazing walk and an amazing day. 
Right before we crossed the finish line.

We watched Avon give away 4.6 million dollars to research breast cancer. That was pretty cool. Once we got to back to the hotel where the care was we were able to start are trip to Disneyland!!!

Kate! You just walked 40 miles, what are you doing to do now??

Yes, you heard that right, after walking close to 40 miles we made our way to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

I just wanted to thank everyone that supported us, that attended our fundraisers, donated to us, allowed us to get up early or go to bed late so we could train. To the little “nugget” inside Jess that stayed in place so we didn’t have a birthing during the walk. And to my ladies that I walked with. You all mean so much to me. I love doing the walks with you, I get so much closer to you all every year. And congrats to Kate who finished her walk!! 

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  1. That sounds like an amazing trip! You are quite an amazing woman, and I feel lucky to know you. Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us. Can't wait to see where it leads!!