Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This year it is AVON PEOPLE!!

As all of you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my treatment and recovery, I came to realize that I am blessed with an amazing circle of family and friends. I am also extremely fortunate to have a good healthcare plan, and to live in a city where great doctors and quality care is readily available.

This year, I will proudly walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer as a survivor. I walk for those who are not as fortunate, for those who can’t afford proper medical care, for those who are seeking a cure for this disease.

I will walk a marathon and a half (that’s nearly 40 miles!) and I plan to raise next few months training and fundraising. I’m one of thousands of people all over the country who will be doing this to raise funds for the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade and support their mission to advance access to care and find a cure.

I’m honored to help others get the same chance at survival that I had. And I’m looking forward to a special Avon Walk weekend of celebrating my own survivorship among a community of people who are just as passionate about this cause as I am.

Please help me—and all who are impacted by breast cancer—by making a tax-deductible contribution. To donate online, simply click on the link at the bottom of this message If you prefer to write a check, please make it payable to “Avon Walk for Breast Cancer” and send it to me.

As I cross that finish line as a Survivor, I will carry with me the hopes of each and every person who has helped me to thrive since that life-changing day when I first heard that diagnosis. And that includes you!

On behalf of the tens of thousands of people whose lives may be saved by your actions, thank you.

Click Here to donate to me and my Team, the Second base coaches.

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