Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Slice of Heaven

Yeah, Yeah, I know I haven't been a good blogger and I still need to blog about my 3day walk experience but when something hits me like this has, I have to take time out of my busy day to make sure everyone knows about it...

It all started in about July of 2011. I am a huge fan of Groupon and when they had a deal for a VIP package for "A Pole New You" Dance studio, I couldn't resist! Now if any of you know me, or at least know a little of my past, you would know that I have been dancing (ballet, tap, jazz and pointe) since I was 4 (of course not the pointe part, that came later). But I LOVE to dance! After I had finished my treatments, I had started at another dance studio an adult ballet and jazz class, but when I saw this??!! Pole Dancing??!! OMG I had to try!! I finally started my classes in October 2011 (thank goodness for LONG expiration dates).

My first class was Conceptions I with my teacher Georgie. I was awestruck (and maybe a little girl-crushing) when George demonstrated our first true spin on the pole (the closed fireman) and she came to a dead-stop on the pole, in the air with her legs holding onto the pole to show us where our bodies should be... From that first spin (or it could have been from the squat spin) I was HOOKED!!! I walked out of that first class feeling... You would think "sexy", "beautiful", and yes I felt those, but I walked out with a feeling of POWER!!! I have never felt so POWERFUL in my whole life!!! I felt STRONG!! I felt FEMININE!!! It was one of the most exhilarating feelings I have ever had! As my class went on, I learned more spins and was able to graduate to Conceptions II. It felt like every dance class had culminated for me to be on the poll!

In my second class, Conceptions II, I had a new teacher. Sarah is awesome too!! She taught me how to climb the pole!! She gave me the WORST foot bruises! But by god I earned every bruise and I like to think of them as "war wounds".

I also got my first taste of being upside down on the pole, it was a head stand and I did it!! I also was able to spin backwards on the pole. It was so great and I felt so good. I love my classes!!

Now I am in Shedding the Skin I... Okay so I've been in this class for 4 months. More than what I expected, but my teacher, Angela is the most patient person! She has watched me struggle with more of the strength moves and has been my biggest cheerleader when I have finally gotten a move down. Shedding is more technical skill than just spins. But this month is a good month for me. I was able to do my crucifix (for the VERY first time last week)
Yes, I am off the ground!! And for the first time I have connected foot to pole when I was inverting (going up side down) on the pole. Once I got there, I forgot what I was doing and had to use my "emergency exit" aka sliding down the pole, but I got there!!!

I also joined the PNY dance troupe too! We are doing a chair dance to "Express" from the Burlesque sound track!! I have my first performance on April 14th then again April 21st. I have also taken so awesome fitness classes there too. A Fit for pole Class and bootcamp classes w/ Donna, Zumba w/ Tammy (who is also the choreographer for the dance troupe) and it was truly the best Zumba class I have ever taken!!

All in all, I am completely enamored by my new dance studio (in Urbana) and cannot wait until you see me hanging upside down from the pole (hopefully sooner than later) in my inverted crucifix. My teachers are some of the nicest, caring, sexy, beautiful, and amazing women I have ever met. I swear when I go to class, I am walking into a cirque do soliel training camp!!

So I have decided, that A Pole New You is my little slice of heaven, and one day when my time is done... God will have poles waiting for me!!! :-)

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