Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your Down By Two!!!

August 11, 2009

After my treatment yesterday, the techs were getting me set up for a simulation of my boosts (which should start on Thursday). It was another excruciating long day on the table, but there was a high point.

After they had matched my mark to the CT, they asked Dr. S to come in and check it. She did and while she was, I talked to her. She checked on her prescription and it turns out that I will only have 5 boosts instead of the original 7. So... 33 treatments not 35.... So I am down by 2!!!!!

I am so excited!! Dr. S said after looking over everything she is confident that the five boosts will get everything that they need...

So next Wednesday is my LAST DAY OF RADIATION!!!! Can I get an AMEN???!!!!


The worst part of the day was the marking of my skin with markers (again) and they were trying to clean up the original (now wrong) mark and took alcohol to clean it. Oh my gosh it stung every where she touched!!! My cleavage is just raw. But 7 more days. I can do anything for only 7 more days!!!

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